Theatre on Zoom = Almost Maine Review

photo courtesy of Trinity theatre Company
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By Kathy Carpenter

photo courtesy of Trinity Theatre Company
Seeing The Thing

Trinity Theatre Company, a small theatre group out of San Diego, like all companies are doing their best to stay afloat in these unprecedented times. The Company has offered many streaming shows on Zoom. I even enjoyed a young actor’s version of “The Great Gatsby.” Looking forward to “Clue.” Every week Trinity presents a show. This week on Saturday the 19th at 7:00pm the will stream “Almost Maine.”

Nine vignettes melded into one. All the story take place in the cold dissolute place of Almost Maine. As far north as you can go without getting into Canada. Not a town because that would take someone to organize going through a process to become one. The show is nine couples on a Friday. Wacky, and a bit out there, it shows love comes in all forms.

photo courtesy of Trinity Theatre Company
Getting it Back

All these actors are doing what they love, acting – and it shows. Since each is it’s own story per se and done through zoom, each has it’s own director, spreading the love to directors.

The Stories are:

Prologue/Epilogue – Sam Calto, Katelyn Slater; directed by Sean Boyd
The story of the distance between things.
Her Heart – Nick Christenson and Alexis Evon; directed by Rachel Custer
A woman comes North to see the Northern Lights and camp out in a man;s yard.
Sad and Glad – Andrew Aguilar, Ashley Graham, Destiny Girley; directed by Sharonfaith Horton
A man and woman run into each other after several years.
This Hurts – Emily Candia, Robert Coe; directed by Shaun Lim
Takes place in the Laundry room of an apartment building, between stangers meeting for the first time
Getting It Back – Kellen Hoku Gold, Eric Trigg; directed by Missy Malloy
A woman tries to return all a guys stuff after a break up.

They Fell – Hunter Brown, Anthony Zelig; directed by Nicole Riedel

photo courtesy of Trinity Theatre Company
They Fell
Two friends each telling the stories of how their date was the worst date ever.
Where It Went – Alyssa Anne Austin, Michael Austin; directed by Kandace Crystal
Story of Hope – Lolly Boroff, Mike Martin; directed by Liana SC
A woman shows up at the door of the man she believes she left behind.
Seeing the Thing – Kat Gold, Jon Gold; directed by Bianca Jennings
Takes place on the females porch A couple that’s been seeing each other forever.
My two favorites are “They Fell,” and “The Seeing Thing.” Both had me laughing out loud all the way through.
For those of you who remember “Love American Style,” it’s along those lines. For those of you who love theatre, or want to try something new. Stop in this Saturday and support.
Trinity theater Company’s mission renders productions of great societal value in hopes of unifying friends, family, and community. TTC believes all individuals wishing to participate in the performing arts should have a venue in which they inspire and are inspired. Our shows merge the talents of seasoned performers as well as spirited newcomers, jointly engaged in both performance and technical aspects of theatre.
photo courtesy of Trinity Theatre Company
Story of Hope

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