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Unlimited File Size Delivery Made Simple

By William Vablais, Founder and CEO FlowingEdge

Think of the last time that you sent an attachment to someone. Delivering that file securely to the person who needs it is important. Delivery of that file to that person immediately has not been possible, until now with FlowingEdge.

Sending a file from one device to another is fundamental to how we use our devices, I call them devices rather than computers because we now have to include mobiles as well. Sending files from your device to another device has become rote or automatic, we don’t think about it, because we all have accepted that the only way to carry out this task is via a cloud service.

The process begins with an Upload to a cloud storage service, then a download to your recipient, but only after they have received an email with a link showing where to find it on that cloud service. When uploading to a cloud your files are a sitting duck for any unauthorized party or hacker to help themselves. This is the process that we have all be conditioned to accept until now. It’s not secure, it becomes expensive as you send ever-larger files and you have no control of your own data or use. 

FlowingEdge delivers any size sensitive or personal data, securely (encrypting everything using military grade security), directly and without a cloud to the person who needs now, not later or tomorrow. We added an industry first progress bar that shows the data delivery right to its destination/recipient.

Speed of delivery allows you and your recipient to complete tasks faster and everyone benefits. There is no need to store it on the way to its destination, so why pay for storage?  With this modernized digital file delivery, real-time progress bar you are now back in control of your data and know precisely that your recipient has successfully received the file.

FlowingEdge doesn’t mess with the data either – we don’t compress anything, we just deliver the bits and we deliver it to your recipient without drama, ads, uploads, downloads, management bloatware or storage. All your usage, content and data is not tracked or stored. This becomes a trusted secure channel that you can share with your colleagues, friends and family. What you send through FlowingEdge is encrypted and only you and your recipient will ever know what was sent. The best part of all is that it is simple to use.

Just select the file, drag and drop to the contact you want to send it to. FlowingEdge encrypts the file to make it super-secure. It then sends the files using an extremely fast network protocol that has built in robust features to keep the data flowing even if the connection is broken.  There is a smart resume to carry on from where it left off if the connection was temporarily lost. With FlowingEdge you can now start a transfer from your car, drive through the inevitable “dead signal zones” on your way to the office and the software will reconnect and continue with the transfer without starting from the beginning. Try that with any of the leading cloud services which will start the process from the beginning every time they lose their connection.

Our Story has its roots way before 2021, when we started FlowingEdge – the founders, William as CEO, Paolo as CTO, and Keith as the CRO, much like many in the business world, struggled with sharing files throughout their careers – a tangle of emails, cloud services, and slow connections. Their frustration led them to create a solution that simplifies this process.

With a shared background in software design, entrepreneurship, and engineering, FlowingEdge was launched in June 2021, focusing on making file delivery super secure, fast and seamless across all major platforms. As Paolo and I worked day and night for several months establishing our first technology breakthrough from PC to any PC directly it became apparent that this was no trivial task.  Each time we added another platform, we would have to overcome that platform’s architectural idiosyncrasies with their individual restrictions and methods so that our app would operate correctly. 

There were also network restrictions for any application operating at this level.  if you are reading this article at home, you are behind a router, the app had to operate to be able to connect to your devices anywhere, that was fun…

We added macOS around the beginning of 2022. By this time, we were building on Linux and creating builds for PC and Mac at the same time using an automated build system. It was at this point that we tackled the mobile platforms, starting with Android.

We discovered that when developing applications, life gets in the way – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, holidays time off, weekends, illness, surgery – everything in daily life slows any development from operating around the clock. 

As Paolo was writing code, I was testing it and building out our management backend software which had to be in place to manage users,  their accounts, the payment systems, the registrations all of which had to be built and tested.

Another 9 months were needed to produce our iOS application which was completed at the end of November of 2022. In early 2023 we decided to produce a simple Home Edition version that would require no registration, and would allow anyone to transfer any file between all platforms on a local WI-FI – PC/MAC/LINUX/ANDROID/iOS.

The app “auto discovers” all the devices running in your WI-FI, and you can send any size file between them all. Think “airdrop” but for all devices, no walled gardens ever. The desktop apps we created to be free, so anyone could install FlowingEdge on all their devices and pay for 1mobile version (iPhone or android), The mobile would act as the key to unlocking all the devices within the Wi-Fi. Watching all devices unlock as soon as the apps discovered the mobile is absolute magic and I still smile inside every time it happens.

In February, 2023 we began work on an outlook add-in project and recently Microsoft certified the Add-in. This code allows the user to send any size file as an attachment to anyone running Outlook and FlowingEdge on their device. The delivery of the unlimited size file does not affect outlook, there is nothing to configure and uses the same military grade encryption to send files directly. No files are stored in the cloud on their way to their destination. There is NO LIMIT on the size of file anymore that you can attach to an email.

This has been an exciting journey so far, and we have a long way to go. Please try it, like it, and tell your friends, and family about it.

We have learned a great deal about app development platforms, products and people with whom we have interacted along the way. We are proud of what we have achieved and we are excited about tell you about our experiences. It is our hope that you will enjoy using the products as much as we have enjoyed building it for you. 

NOTE: FlowingEdge is already available and you can let your friends in on this new technology.

We priced the products to disrupt this market. The business version costs $36 per user per YEAR (that is not per month but per year, you read that correctly), while the Home Edition is currently introduced at $10/user per year. It comes with a free 1 week trial period on the home edition.

You can find the FlowingEdge for Business and Home Edition at

For the FlowingEdge for business you first need to register from our website create a user account/accept terms and conditions/pay for the license.  For mobile devices you can head to the Appstore or Play store to download the app to a mobile. All desktop apps are available from our website. 

Let us know how you like what we have created by sending us an email to in**@fl*********.com  We hope you get as excited as us every time you send a file to a colleague, friend or family member.

Photos are courtesy of William Vablais


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